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Graduate and Research Central Coordination Office (CCPG)

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Associate Vice-President for Academic Affairs

Paulo Cesar Duque Estrada

The Graduate and Research Central Coordination Office has the following objectives:

  1. Ensure the conditions for maintaining and developing the hallmark of academic excellence of the graduate programs and research at PUC-RIO.
  2. Ensure that graduate courses and research activities are integrated into the other activities of the University, and respond to the challenges faced by scientists and intellectuals of our time as well as to Brazilian society in particular.
  3. Promote and optimize PUC-RIO's graduate programs and research activities.
  4. Guarantee appropriate conditions for professors, researchers and graduate students to develop their academic work.

Internally, the CCPG is one of the Central Coordinations that constitute the Vice-Presidency for Academic Affairs and works in constant relation with the Graduate Coordination of each Department, offering academic support and guaranteeing quality of academic production in each area of knowledge.

It is through the CCPG that the University as a whole is related to research funding agencies, on a national level — such as CAPES, CNPq and FINEP —, state level — such as FAPERJ — and international level such as the British Council, DAAD or COFECUB.

Programs available

Deadline for registration
and available notices
for 2019.1
Master Doctorate
Nov 08th 2018  
Business Administration
Oct 31st 2018
Nov 16th 2018
Civil Engineering
Nov 15th 2018
Clinical Psychology
Sep 14th 2018
Aug 31st 2018
jul 31st 2018 Oct 5th 2018
Aug 03rd 2018
Electrical Engineering
Dec 02nd 2018
Dec 06th 2018
Nov 09th 2018
International Relations
Oct 31st 2018
Sep 17th 2018  
Oct 01st 2018
Literature, Culture and Contemporaneity
Oct 31th 2018
Language Studies
Nov 05th 2018 Oct 29th 2018
Materials and Chemical and Metallurgical Processes Engineering
Nov 25sd 2018
Dec 03rd 2018
Mechanical Engineering
Nov 30th 2018
Nov 30th 2018
Production Engineering
Nov 18th 2018
Social Communication
Oct 11th 2018
Social History of Culture
Nov 05th 2018
Social Sciences
Sep 02nd 2018 Oct 22nd 2018
Social Service
Sep 14th 2018
Oct 26th 2018
Urban and Environmental Engineering