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Special Projects

Rio Botz


Prof. Marco Antônio Meggiolaro

RioBotz is the Robotic Competition team from the PUC-Rio University. It was created in January 2003, initially only focused on Combat Robots, but now competing as well in other categories such as Humanoid Robots and Robot Sumo.

The team is formed by control, mechanical and electrical engineering undergraduate students from PUC-Rio. The objective of the team is to allow the students to learn in practice about several areas involved in an engineering project, such as mechanic and electronic design, materials science, programming, team work and marketing. They have the opportunity to apply in practice the concepts learned in the classroom. They get the know-how to complement the know-why.

The technology involved in building combat robots can be applied in several areas, such as in wheel chairs, inspection robots for the oil and nuclear industries, and even rescue or anti-bomb robots.

RioBotz team

Robot photo

Robot photoRobot photo