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Some Partnerships and Commitments

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The great number of partnerships and agreements in which PUC-Rio participates evinces not only how much the university has integrated to the Brazilian Society, but also the degree of trust it shares with other institutions as a serious model of education.
These partnerships create countless advantages for students and professors.

Some PUC-Rio´s partnerships:

Research and work comprising the whole production chain of gas and petroleum, presenting students with the most modern innovations in these fields.

Carries out analyses relative to the consumption of electrical power in Brazil.

Embratel, Siemens and other telecommunication companies.

The University’s partnerships succeed because, above all, as the society’s partner the institution maintains its commitment to it. The community benefits directly from the results of such work, which provides students with an education that is sound and compatible with the world’s changes.

Rede Globo, Vale, Thyssenkrupp, Gerdau, Peugeot-Citroen do Brasil, among others