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Distance Learning Central Coordination (CCEAD)

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Associate Vice-President for Academic Affairs

Prof. Gustavo Robichez

Extension courses

  • Online Summer Courses: Youth, Water and Citizenship, Art and Popular Education, Ecology, Politics  and Communities
  • Teaching and Learning Design
  • Introduction to WEB 2.0 tools

Lato Sensu Graduate Courses - Diploma Level

  • Technology and Education
  • Higher Education and Technologies in Classroom


  • Group CNPq: Cooperation and Assessment in Distance Education

Research Topics

  • Teaching and Learning Design for Web-based Distance Education Courses
  • Web Learning Assessment Methods in Web Environments
  • Quality in Distance Education: A Longitudinal Research with Teachers in Training Programs of the Federal Government. A Case Study on the Post-Graduation Lato Sensu Technologies in Education (2006-2013) Course
  • Semantic Web Technologies
  • Emerging Educational Approaches