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Center for Social Sciences (CCS)

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Prof. Francisco de Guimaraens

Business and Administration, Economics, Geography and Environment, History, International Relations, Law, Social Communication, Social Sciences and Social Work

Undergraduate Courses
Undergraduate Courses
Bachelor in Business Administration
Bachelor in Economics
Bachelor in Journalism
Bachelor in Cinema
Bachelor in Publicity and Advertising
Bachelor and Licentiaté in History
Bachelor and Teacher in Geography and Environment

Bachelor in Social Work
Bachelor and Teacher in Social Sciences
Bachelor in Law
Bachelor in International Relations

Graduate Courses
M: Master  -  D: Doctorate - PM: Professional Master*

Business Administration - M / D
Economics - M / D
Geography and Environment - M / D / PM*
International Relations - M / D
Law - M / D
Social Communication - M/D
Social Cultural History - M / D
Social Sciences - M / D
Social Work - M / D

*Professional Masters in Analysis and Management of International Policy – Resolutions of Issues and Cooperation for Development

Specialization in

  • Marketing Management
  • Corporate Finance
  • Sales Management
  • Investment Management
  • Project Management
  • General Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Strategic Tax Planning
  • Contemporary International Relations – “Actors and Processes”
  • Humanitarian Aid and Development

Main Research Areas and Special Projects

Social Communication

  • Mass Culture and Social Representation
  • Mass Culture and Production
  • Mass Culture and Experiment

Social Sciences

  • Socioeconomics and Political Inequalities in Contemporary Brazil
    Cultural Diversity in Brazil

Business and Administration

  • Impacts of Strategic Decisions in Performance of Companies, Industries and Countries
  • Decision Making under Uncertainty and Risk
  • Impact of Changes in Marketing Strategies                         
  • Organizational Studies and Labor Relationships
  • International Business
  • Energy and Infrastructure
  • Organization and Sustainability

Social Work

  • Work, Social Policy and Collective Subjects
  • Violence, Rights, Social and Cross-Sector Policies
  • Social and Environmental Issues, Urban and Social Forms of Resistance


  • Labor Studies and Social Policy
  • Applied Econometrics
  • Economics of Public Sector
  • International Economics
  • Monetary Economics
  • Finance
  • Economic History of Brazil
  • Industrial Organization
  • Economics of Regulation

Institute of International Relations (IRI)

  • Architecture of the International System
  • Conflict, Violence and Peacemaking
  • Globalization, Governance and Development
  • Professional Masters in Analysis and Management of International Policy – Resolutions of Issues and Cooperation for Development


  • Human Rights, Democracy and International Order
  • Legal Theory, Ethics and the Construction of Subjectivity
  • Constitutional Change and Contemporary Constitutional Thought

Geography and Environment

  • Socioecological Processes and Landscape Transformation
  • Space, Daily Life and Sustainability
  • Geographic Education


  • The History of Art and Architecture
  • Theory, Historiography and Intellectual History
  • Experiences and Cultural Connection