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PC Computing 02-02-97: Blown-In Maps: Guides, Research & FAQs:

  "Online World Odd de Presno's cyberspace guide has been around for a 
  long time, and it's still an excellent source."

Date: Mon, 30 Jun 1997 
From: "J. P. Gilliver" 
Subject: Part 3 (12.html) - excellent!
  "I found your file when searching for details of using the web by email,
  for a blind friend. It is an excellent file, containing data on all
  sorts of things you can do by email, not just the web, and I will be
  suggesting she gets a copy of the whole file (and ignore the Netscape
  parts). It had enough that is of interest to _me_ that I have definitely
  kept a copy, and not just for when she asks me questions!"
From: Thomas Binkow (tbinkow@compuserve.com)

  "I can't say enough good things about your Online World website.  I've
  been using the Internet daily for a few years (and since the 1980's,
  overall), and I still found plenty of excellent links, in a very useful,
  efficient format -- the descriptions are big time savers (which is

  I'm sending all my new user friends and family to you."

John Burns (Sao Paulo, Brazil):

  "Outstanding leads on alcoholism and drugs! Thank you very much.
  I am spending a lot of time on this project and am culling a lot
  of good leads out of your book."

When we asked for his permission to use the quote, John replied: 

  "You can certainly use my statement. I continue to use it, and it has 
  opened another world.  I have looked at about all the guides to online 
  services and purchased all the books, and yours is undoubtedly the best 
  online or in print source that I have located."

Mr. Keith Chau (Hong Kong): 

  "I admire your effort in compiling such a monumental works in The Online
  World very much."

Jamal Mazrui (Somerville, MA, U.S.A.): 

  "Your book is excellent, and as a blind person I appreciate it being in an 
  electronic form that I can read with my talking computer system."

Mary-Beth Clark (Asian Studies and Economics Librarian, University of British 
Columbia, Vancouver, Canada): 

  "Your text 'Online World' came to my attention through Eastlib, a LISTSERV 
  of those interested in East Asian Libraries. I took at look at it, and was 
  very impressed. It is very well organized and has lots of information on 
  Asia, which is of great use to me." 

Richard G Moore (U.S.A.): 

  I wish I'd heard about your book a year ago.  It would have saved me endless 
  nights of confusion.  As a homebound cancer patient, computers have become 
  my link with the outside world.  Your book is wonderful.  

Tazuko Tachi (Reference librarian, Medical Information and Media Center, 
Keio University, Tokyo, Japan): 

  "Very comprehensive and useful. We had fun from it very much."

John Cohen (Special Needs Coordinator, Fife Public Schools, Tacoma, 
Washington, U.S.A.): 

  "I have read many books on Internet and yours is by far the most 'user 
  friendly.'   As a graduate student, I was taught to select texts that speak 
  to the reader and blend with the readers thought patterns.  Your book does 
  that for me!" 

Timo Salmi, co-moderator of comp.archives.msdos.announce, moderator 
at garbo.uwasa.fi anonymous FTP archives, professor at the Faculty of 
Accounting & Industrial Management; University of Vaasa, Finland:

  "This is a genuinely fine book on the global electronic community.  The 
  visions of the near instantaneous global communication and its impact on 
  the world are really breathtaking. Enjoy."
Even Flood, Norsk DIANE Senter, Norges Tekniske  Universitetsbibliotek,
N-7034 Trondheim: 

  "Many tutorials have been written on online searching. A common problem 
  is that they quickly become obsolete. New databases are constantly 
  appearing, hosts merge or change name, and the search languages are being 
  improved. New communications programs and software to search the 
  different systems also appear all the time. For this reason, we have 
  decided not to recommend a particular printed tutorial. We want to 
  recommend one that is being published electronically.: The Online World 

Fred Brown (fredbrown@aol.com) , Austin, Texas, USA:

  "Great Book! I have made your book required reading for my large Internet 
  class for beginners here in Austin."

Haymee Perez Cogle, Luanda, Angola:

  "I would like congratulate you for a very useful and userfriendly book.

   Angola is available by Email, I'm running a first fidonet in Luanda 
   named Angonet. My objective is promote Electronic communications, insert 
   Angolan institutions to the "real world". Of course your book is 
   helping a lot."

Myke Elliott, University of New Brunswick, Canada:

   I would like to congratulate you on your fine work.  My feedback report 
   comes from a similar angle:  I am a courseware developer and teacher, so my 
   comments will reflect this. 

   1. You teaching pedagogy is well-defined.  Short points, well-explained
   and illustrated, and not a great deal of techie language (we call it
   geekspeak) all lead to a more positive and productive learning experience. 

   2. Navigation is an asset, and you and your webmasters have obviously
   spent some time in thinking about how a new user would navigate, and 
   applied this thinking to your model.

   3. The wide variety of formats (ASCII, HTML, Browseable) makes it easy
   for individuals with different platforms and system limitations to enjoy 
   your work. 

   4. No dead links, grammatical or typographical errors that I would see. 
   This is always a plus.  As a teacher, the first thing that jumps from the
   screen (for me) are these kinds of errors.

The Online World resources handbook by Odd de Presno