My family

My father, Ludvig, died on November 5, 1997. He used his 83 years to build a supermarket, paint tons of pictures, play the violin, football, and raise three kids together with his wife and business partner Cici. She still lives on the island Hisøy, Arendal, Norway. These pictures were taken in July, 1997.

My second wife, Anne-Tove, has a good hand with me, my children, and grandchildren. Here she is with the youngest branch of the tree, Vetle.

My son Alex (1969) is Vetle's father, and Vibeke the mother. They live in Oslo. Alex also has another son named Ole Christian.

Then, there came two girls. First, Nina (1971). She lives in Oslo with Øyvind. Karina (1978) is my youngest, if you exclude our cat, Toshiba-san. Karina lives on the Canary Islands in Spain, while Toshiba-san stays with us as he is too young to fly out from the nest yet.

I have a brother, Leif, and a sister, Unni, who lives in Los Angeles, USA, with David.

And as if this is not enough, here's a bunch of other de Presnos gathering in mid-November for Ludvig's funeral.

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Susana Landmark, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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