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Brasão da PUC-Rio

Branding PUC-Rio

We are a community university that has been investing in academic excellence for decades, encouraging generations and positively influencing the world. The new identity highlights our three fundamental pillars: teaching, research, and outreach.
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The new branding reinforces not only our history of excellence but also the constant renewal and commitment to society. A path built with warmth and active listening.
By deepening critical and scientific thinking, we bring direct impact to our community in practice, catalyzing innovation to nurture creative minds and drive solutions for contemporary challenges.
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Fly higher. Encourage. The desire to expand horizons. Nothing is heavy for those who have wings on this journey of discovery, innovation, and social transformation
Interview (in Portuguese) PUC-Rio ganha nova estratégia de marca
Os professores Manuela Quaresma e padre Arnaldo Rodrigues explicam a nova identidade da PUC-Rio

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Branding PUC-Rio