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Brasão da PUC-Rio

Coordenação Central de Cooperação Internacional

Incoming Students

Students with special needs

RAE (Student Support Network)

At PUC-Rio is composed of five nucleus of the University working together with a single goal: to assist in a multidisciplinary way the students regarding academic, psychopedagogical, reading and writing,  professional orientation, psychological and of special needs aspects. This is the proposal of RAE, created to address, in an integrated way, needs that were previously treated individually by its components.

The groups that help students with special needs are:

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Rua Marquês de São Vicente 225,
Edifício Padre Leonel Franca - 8º andar, Gávea
CEP 22451-900
Rio de Janeiro - RJ - BRASIL

Office hours

Monday to Friday:
9h to 12h and 14h to 17h

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E-mail: incoming2@puc-rio.br