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Portuguese as a Second Language at PUC-Rio

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People who speak Spanish with average fluency can communicate in Portuguese and are able to attend regular courses at PUC-Rio after taking The Pre-term Portuguese as a Second Language Intensive Course

The Department of Letters at the Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro offers PORTUGUESE AS A SECOND LANGUAGE via Regular Semester Course  and Intensive Course. The objective of these courses is to develop the student's ability to understand, speak, read and write Portuguese in both formal and informal situations. This program also prepares international students to attend regular University courses in all academic areas, including History, Anthropology, Literature, International Relations, Engineering, among others.

There are five proficiency levels offered in the Portuguese as a Second Language program: Level I, II and III consist of 90 hours of instruction per term (6 hours per week), corresponding to 6 academic credits. Level IV and V consist of 60 hours of instruction per term (4 per week) corresponding to 4 academic credits.

Attention: In Brazil, a 1 hour/class corresponds to 50 minutes.

In order to place candidates according to their proficiency in the Portuguese Language, students must take a mandatory PLACEMENT TEST which is available online. Candidates who test above Level V will be allowed to attend the university's regular undergraduate introductory Portuguese Language courses.

Academic Calendar

All levels of Portuguese as a Second Language are offered each year during both academic terms.

1st term: March - July
2nd term: August - December

(Please see the University's Calendar)

Students are also allowed to enroll in other classes at PUC-Rio according to their academic interest and Portuguese level of proficiency.

Pre-Term Portuguese as a Second Language Intensive Course

Pre-Term Portuguese as a Second Language Intensive Courses is also offered twice a year: January/February and July (not included in the annual tuition).

The Pre-Term Portuguese as a Second Language Intensive Course consists in 90 hours of instruction per month.

REMEMBER THAT THE PRE-TERM PORTUGUESE AS A SECOND LANGUAGE INTENSIVE COURSE DOES NOT PROVIDE ACADEMIC CREDITS OR TRANSCRIPTS. Students who take the intensive course will receive at the end of the month a certificate of completion with the final grade achieved.

Students who intend to register for the Intensive Pre-Term Portuguese course AND the following regular term at PUC-Rio will have to comply with all the requirements of each academic period.

PORTUGUESE FOR GRADUATE STUDENTS (I and II) are also offered as regular courses.


May 15th and October 15th

Online application:

TO APPLY: Interested students must contact CCCI by mail or e-mail and fill out the complete application form as well as mail the required documents. Please visit the following website to fill out the online application, see the required documents to send and for more information: <http://www.puc-rio.br/ensinopesq/ccci/incoming/forms-hp_students.html>

When the applicant is accepted, CCCI will send a LETTER OF ACCEPTANCE that will enable him/her to obtain a visa at a Brazilian Consulate. CCCI will also send information regarding course fees and the academic and Central Coordination for International Cooperation calendar, if available, for the period in which the student wishes to study at PUC-Rio.

Portuguese as a Second Language Levels of Proficiency at PUC-Rio and their equivalent in the CEFR Scale

A2 Nivel 1
B1 Nivel 2
B2 Nivel 3
C1 Nivel 4
C2 Nivel 5


VISA: A student visa is not required for the Intensive Pre-term course if the student does not intend to stay at PUC-Rio during the following regular semester term. Visas must be obtained BEFORE the student´s entrance in Brazil. A tourist visa cannot be transferred into a student visa once inside the country.

PRICES:  Exchange and independent students pay the same price for the Pre-term Intensive Portuguese Course. Follow this link for more information: <http://www.puc-rio.br/ensinopesq/ccci/incoming/fees_tuition.html>

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