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Brasão da PUC-Rio

Coordenação Central de Cooperação Internacional

Incoming Students

Withdraw policy

From the program:

Students need to notify PUC-Rio in writing thirty days before the program starts.

Refunds will be issued only if  withdrawn request is informed  up to one month prior to the course start date. In case of reimbursement: operational costs related to acceptance, cancelation process and to bank transaction fees will be deducted from the total amount refunded

From the Accomodation Program:

In order to avoid pay a fine for withdrawing from the Accommodation Program, students need to notify PUC-Rio in writing thirty days before the program starts.

If the students decide to withdraw from the Accommodation Program with less than thirty days before the course starts, they will have to pay the first month rent when they arrive in Rio de Janeiro. This is not negotiable.

After the Accommodation Program starts, students who decide to leave the Accommodation Program before the end of the month won’t receive money back. Several universities have agreements where students cannot leave PUC housing for the first month of the program. Check with your university if you are required to stay in PUC Accommodation.

If the students choose to leave the accommodation, they must inform the International Programs Central Coordination Office via written notification at least 15 days before the end of the month contract.  If they do not respect the 15-day deadline, they must pay a fine. Please check the Accommodation contract for details.

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