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Incoming Students

First semester of 2022

Published on January 17th, 2022

PUC-Rio informs that the academic planning for the first semester of 2022, contemplating the return of on-campus classes and the partial maintenance of online classes, within the limits of the current legislation, will occur as indicated in the registration procedures.

The University will continue to monitor public health issues and will take the measures recommended by the health authorities. Any adjustments will be immediately communicated to students and teachers.

Vice-President for Academic Affairs Office

Distance learning format and how classes will be carried out from March 23rd on

Published on March 18th, 2020

From March 23rd on, many classes will be carried out in the distance learning format. Student just need to log on to https://ead.puc-rio.br/loginccead/login.php. If you go back to your home country or if you are still in Rio de Janeiro, you will just need a computer/laptop/tablet/smart phone and internet connection to follow classes.

The Português para Estrangeiros courses will be also taught on-line through the same virtual environment.

For the classes that might not be ready by Monday, professors will send activities to be carried out by the students with specific instructions about them.

As for the evaluation process, you may be sure that there will be alternatives to the ones presented to you two weeks ago as long as you keep assisting classes as determined by each professor.

More information will be given to you through the PUC On-line System.

Special Notice: Academic activity changes due to coronavirus

Published on March 17th, 2020

As we all know, by order of the President´s Office, all on site academic activities, undergraduate and graduate courses (stricto and late sensu), are suspended. The disciplines that are taught on distance mode will not go under any change, and they will be able to maintain their calendar of distant activities.

PUC-Rio is already working on a contingency plan in order to change on site academic activities into the distance teaching format, with the adaptations that maybe necessary in order to keep on with the academic semester, respecting the specificities of each disciplines and field of knowledge.

1. Undergraduate studies

Throughout the week, Departments will be guided about the transition of the academic activities to the digital format, using PUC-Rio official platforms (PUC Online / Autosau, Moodle, Maxwell, among others).

Department Directors must inform their respective Deans the situation in which the migration to the digital format cannot be applied.

Exams for the courses will be given when the university returns to on site activities.

The Central Coordination for Distance Education (CCEAD) made available on PUC-Rio website introductory material about Digital Education, and tutorial video to use the Moodle platform:

2. Graduate studies

For the graduate classes it is recommendable to use the platform provided by CCEAD for distance teaching.

3. Library

Up to March 17th, The Division of Library and Documentation will have its working hours reduced, 07:00am to 04:00pm, and will only offer book lending. From March 18th on, it will remain closed while the recess lasts. There will be no fines while it is closed.

Virtual services will continue to work normally.

To be helped or to have more information, the Library created the e-mail bibliopucrio@gmail.com

4. Registrar

Open hours will be 12:00pm to 04:00pm, by the e-mail dar@puc-rio.br, or through academic applications at PUC Online.

The University officials also ask the professors to wait for more detailed orientation concerning the support for the digital material preparation for the distance classes, and the formation to use the platforms. Those pieces of information will be transmitted by the Undergraduate and Graduate Coordinator of each Department.

5. Registration in Portuguese’s Class

In case you could not register today in the discipline Português para Estrangeiros, you do not need to worry because the Language Department will make all the adjustments internally.

6. Important

if you have doubts, send messages or WhatsApp text, it is not necessary for you to come to the campus, because we are answering all messages and clarifying your doubts.

PUC-Rio staff will be working remotely for the time-being and there may be a short delay in our response, but we aim to get back to you ASAP.

7. Returning to Home Country

Some universities and parents are requesting to their students abroad to return to home country. In case you have decided to return it is mandatory that you inform us officially by e-mail that you are leaving the country and returning home. The university has been working intensely in order to foresee all alternatives to handle emergent situations that might come up. Please, should you need further assistance or information do not hesitate to contact us.

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