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Special Projects

Institute of Energy (IEPUC)


Sérgio Leal Braga, PhD

Logo da IEPUC

The IEPUC conducts interdisciplinary research and projects in energy. Among the topics of interest it is included: petroleum, natural gas applications, gas turbines, internal combustion engines, refrigeration, environment, electricity generation and distribution, solar energy and many others. In the development of these projects, IEPUC cooperates with other research institutions and large companies, promoting the rational use of energy-related issues, meeting the new demands of the society and the market.


The LEV is a laboratory of PUC-Rio focused on the development of new fuels and engines, in order to reduce atmospheric emissions and to improve the quality of life in the cities. The research, involving new fuels, hybrid and electric vehicles, automation and testing of vehicles and parts, are made in partnership with major companies and international research centers.