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Brasão da PUC-Rio

Academic Centers and Departments

Center for Theology and Human Sciences (CTCH)


Prof. Júlio Diniz


Arts & Design, Architecture and Urbanism, Philosophy, Letters, Psychology, Theology and Pedagogy

Undergraduate Courses

Bachelor in Architecture and Urbanism
Bachelor and Teacher in Philosophy
Bachelor and Teacher in Theology
Bachelor and Teacher in Pedagogy
Bachelor in Industrial Design - Visual Communication, Fashion, Digital Media or Product Development
Bachelor and Teacher in Psychology and Clinical  Psychology
Bachelor and Teacher in Language and Literature - Portuguese and Literature or Portuguese, English and Literature
Bachelor in Translation - Translation, Conference Interpretation
Bachelor in Writing
Bachelor in Performing Arts

Graduate Courses

M: Master  -  D: Doctorate

Brazilian Education - M / D
Design – M / D
Language Studies – M / D
Literature Studies – M / D
Philosophy - M / D
Psychology - M / D
Theology - M / D
Architecture - M

Main Research Areas and Special Projects

Letters - Language Studies, Literature, Culture and Contemporary Studies

Arts and Design

Architecture and Urbanism