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Graduate Program in Urban and Environmental Engineering

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Departamento de Engenharia Civil
Rua Marquês de São Vicente, 225
Gávea, Rio de Janeiro - RJ

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General Information

Program Overview

International Graduate Program offered by the Civil Engineering Department of PUC-Rio, in association with the Architecture, Civil Engineering and Environmental Sciences Colleges of the Technische Universität Braunschweing in Germany. Students who successfully complete the Program’s requirements will be granted the following degrees: Master in Urban and Environmental Engineering (Professional Option) from PUC-Rio and Master of Science from Germany’s Technische Universität Braunschweing. According to the National Council of Education, holders of professional, scientific and academic master degrees are ensured the same rights with respect to an academic career.


Provide a wide and multidisciplinary vision of a sustainable development model for Brazilian cities, aiming to form professionals with knowledge of urban planning, environmental engineering, transportation, sanity engineering, infrastructure, energy, administration, sociology, logistics, waste management and natural resources in the urban environment.


The Professional Master course started its activities in 2009, after being recommended by CAPES (Brazil) and ASIIN (Accreditation Agency for Degree Programs in Engineering, Informatics, the Natural Sciences and Mathematics) from Germany. It was previously offered, during the 2007 and 2008 academic years, as a latu sensu graduate course (specialization) in Urban and Environmental Engineering, with a 360h workload. For its implementation, it had initial support from the DAAD (German Service of Academic Exchange).

English Language

Classes at the Technische Universität Braunschweing are taught in English, and it is expected that students have sufficient knowledge English language for oral and written comprehension.

Concentration areas and lines of research

Line of Research: Urban Planning and Sustainability

Investigates planning models and solutions for Brazilian cities, seeking to develop proposals and technological alternatives to reduce the impact of urban activities on the environment and on climate change process.

Line of Research: Environment Technologies

Develops experimental, analytical or numeric studies for analysis and case studies associated to the disposal of urban and industrial solid waste, with identification, characterization and monitoring of contaminated areas as well as the implementation of subsoil remediation techniques and underground water contaminated by organic and inorganic substances.

Line of Research: Infrastructure and Sustainability

Studies urban infrastructure, including concepts of maintenance and management of construction life-cycles. Infrastructure is understood as water supply systems, sanitary sewage, industrial facilities, transportations, logistics, energy, as well as economic development prognosis and the social inclusion of city inhabitants as co-participants in sustainable development.

Recognition of the Course

Master’s Degrees

CAPES (Coordination for the Improvement of Higher Eduction Personnel; from Brazilian Ministry of Education) evaluation: grade 3 for the 2010-2012 period.
Approved by the CNE/CES MEC n.288/2015 of July 08, 2015.
Granted degrees: Master in Environmental Engineering (Professional Option) from PUC-Rio and Master of Science from Technische Universität Braunschweing in Germany.

Requirements for obtaining the Master’s and Doctoral degrees

The Program's Regulation, which contains every requirement and deadline, is handed to the student upon first enrollment.


Admission and Enrollment

The Graduate Committee's selection criteria is based on undergraduate academic transcripts, reference letters from former professors or professionals, curriculum vitae, professional experience, knowledge of the English language and, if necessary, an interview with the applicant.

The course is addressed to engineers, architects and other professionals from the environmental, urban and infrastructure fields, interested in obtaining broad view of major city problems, with particular emphasis on aspects related to urban sustainability and agglomeration. In exceptional cases, may be accepted candidates who have other types of formation, at the criteria of the Graduate Commission.

Follow the course’s academic activities at http://www.urb.puc-rio.br.

Board of Admission and Registration

Graduate Section
Pontifical Catholic University/RJ
Marquês de São Vicente Street, 225 - Gavea
22451-900 - Rio de Janeiro-Brazil

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Graduate Program in Urban and Environmental Engineering

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