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Coat of arms of PUC-Rio

Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro

Social Action

The social action promoted by PUC-Rio is seen by communities as the only source of hope to improve its member's quality of life.
All efforts are educational, for the citizens that benefit from them and for the students involved with the work.
It creates new understanding of the world while fusing humanitarian and professional principles.

Scholarship Aid Programs
Implemented more than 20 years ago, beneficiaries of the program are students, employees and their dependents, interns, athletes, seminarians, religious personnel and members of the choir of PUC-Rio. More than 4,200 students receive partial or integral scholarships.

Unicom emerged in 1978 with the purpose of strengthening the participation of PUC-Rio in the daily lives of marginalized communities in the city of Rio de Janeiro. The objective is to use the student's knowledge for the benefit of the population, generating better life conditions.

The Group for Psycho-pedagogical Guidance and Counseling (NOAP)
It carries out work in public schools related to triage, evolution and monitoring of children and adolescents with learning difficulties. The project includes teachers, graduate and postgraduate students and alumni from the Education Department.

The Group of Studies and Action on Minors (NEAM)
Involved with research themes related to children and adolescents, it has been promoting transforming pedagogical actions and educational work for more than 20 years in low-income communities.

The PUC-Rio Solidarity Emergency Fund (Fesp)
Benefiting students come from to low-income families have taken community courses to enter the University, and have earned scholarships. However, they may still encounter difficulties attending classes due to expenses for food and transportation. Currently, the resources of the Fesp finance the purchase of transport and meal tickets  for 520 students.

…Among others.