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Message from THE PRESIDENT

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People have a strong feeling of belonging regarding PUC-Rio, which makes our University different than other higher education institutions in Brazil. The love and care of people towards the institution constitute an admirable richness, touching the former and current lives of our students, faculty and staff members. Although this belonging is experienced in different times, there are some values that remain throughout the University 77 years and may be seen in an integrated way. A Pontifical Catholic University may preserve significant values that were built throughout its history. As PUC-Rio´s president, I would like to emphasize some of those values which make part of our institutional ethos.

The first value constitutes in the integration between academic and community life.  PUC-Rio, through its unique campus model, is capable of bringing together the academic excellence search and the solidary intercommunion that is present in the classrooms, in the University buildings, in the green areas of the campus and in the academic center village.  Keeping the education and research seriousness, PUC-Rio is the place where the encounter anthropology allows the presence of other values that make part of human life.

The second value refers to the openness towards the interdisciplinary and inter-faculty dialogue. The physical proximity of our areas, the flexibility level of our curricula and the openness to new challenges are factors which benefit the interdisciplinary dimension within the educative community. This value keeps growing in our university, opening future perspectives to a closer dialogue among other scientific knowledges. The third value concerns the integration between science and faith.

At PUC-Rio, it is possible to notice and to live, with no barriers or bias, the dialogue among the various sciences contents with a transcendent perspective of faith. This experience of union between immanence and transcendence reflects the desire of a new cosmovision, where the search for the truth may contemplate not only scientific mediations necessary to the human accomplishment, but also deeper issues of faith in the human being and world last and definitive destiny.

The fourth value regards the privilege to study at a campus where is possible to see and to contemplate nature symbolic elements, integrated with academic areas. The campus green area and the river that runs in the heart of the University, allowing a closer relation between people and nature, is an environmental patrimony that contributes to increase the love and care for such a charming and unique place. This value shall be preserved and improved with our current Environmental Agenda.


Fr. Josafá Carlos de Siqueira, S.J.
PUC-Rio´s President
Rio de Janeiro, July 1st, 2010

Rio de Janeiro