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Mr. de Presno was born in 1944. He lives in Arendal, a small town in southern Norway, with his computers, modems, cat and wife. He has written twelve books, and has participated in several book projects with other authors.

Half his books focus on various aspects of the Online World. The other books are about practical applications of personal computers. Published in Norway and England. His book "The Online World resources handbook" has been available in Cyberspace since 1993, is updated frequently, and is distributed globally as shareware.

Over 900 of his articles have been published in management and technical magazines in Scandinavia, England, Japan, and the United States. (If you can read Norwegian: klikk her for å lese artikler publisert i Datatid, Norge.) He writes monthly columns about the World Wide Web and the Internet for various magazines.

International public speaker. Writer. Consultant.

Area of special expertise: The Internet. Building and managing virtual organizations on the net. Strategic applications of online information.


Founder and Project Director of KIDLINK, an international non-profit organization promoting a global dialog among the youth of the world. The work is supported by 65 public mailing lists in several languages, a private network for interactive dialog ("chat"), and an online art exhibition site. Since 1990, some 110,000 kids through 15 years of age living in 123 countries have participated in KIDLINK activities.

Managing Director of the Kidlink Institute (KI) since 1997.

Has been professionally involved with online services since 1973. Operated an English-language BBS (1985-1997).

Founded the software company Data Logic A/S (Norway) in 1967 and was president for five years. 1968-1970: Board member of Business Management Promotions Ltd., (England). Sales manager Control Data Corp. seven years (in charge of CYBERNET/Norway, an international online service). Marketing manager IKO Software Service A/S, two years. Now running his own business.

Educational background includes a Diploma Degree in Business from Bedriftsoekonomisk Institutt (Norway, 1968. Siviløkonom.).

Member of NFF (Norway). Listed in Marquis' "Who's Who in the World" since 1991.

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Email addresses: presno@eunet.no, or presno@grida.no .

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