The Louvre Server

With effect from 14th July 1995, it has been possible to connect to the Louvre museum server on the Internet at the address

Designed as an introduction to a visit to the museum, this server provides the following information:

The Louvre server has been designed and developed entirely by the Louvre museum itself, which holds exclusive rights to all the elements of the server: text, commentaries, photographs, music and in general terms, all contributions which are protected by the provisions of the Intellectual Property Code.

Reproduction and/or representation of all or part of the server for any purpose other than private use by the public is prohibited and will be liable to the penalties laid down in the law of 4th February 1994.

Modification, addition or removal of any element of the server whatsoever is strictly prohibited.

The Louvre Museum refuses all liability with respect to the information appearing in the server, and recommends that those using the server should contact the museum for confirmation of rendez-vous points, timetables and other information which may be the subject of updates.

The data in the programme makes no claim to be exhaustive, and persons using the server who wish to acquire a greater depth of knowledge for purposes other than simple consultation of the server for personal use, are recommended to supplement this information from other sources. The Louvre Museum cannot be held responsible for the incomplete or controversial nature of the information appearing in this server.

The Louvre Museum accepts no responsibility for setting up and monitoring the proper technical functioning of the network. It refuses all liability as regards any incidents which may occur at any time and for any duration, such as interruptions to the server, irregular screen projection, breakdown of interactive links or any other difficulty which may make movement within the program difficult or impossible.

All persons connected are exclusively responsible for payment of the telecommunications, subscription and equipment expenses associated with their use of the Internet, for which the Louvre may not be held liable.

These directions constitute a fundamental and determining condition for the provision of the Louvre programme by the Louvre Museum. Each person connected to the Louvre programme undertakes to read this instruction first and to respect all of its terms.

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