100 secondes pour une oeuvre

The short films dedicated to the plastic arts - paintings, sculptures, antiquities, objets d'art, are generally suspected of not showing enough respect. However it is rare for anyone to spend more than 7 to 10 seconds in front of an exhibit.
Offering 100 seconds of attentive and progressive discovery of a work breaks the record for the normal time dedicated to each of the works seen during a visit.
Filming art means showing it, guiding.
The plastic arts benefit from being associated with the cinema: the light, the framing, relating the parts to the whole, the rhythm, the sound and the music which are forms of commentary.
How can we dissociate works of art from the gaze that gives them their mystery and their magic? The cinema makes it possible to preserve this gaze and it thus becomes an indissociable element of the work.
This series aims to entertain, surprise, amuse and reveal. Produced by film-makers and directors from throughout the world, these showings of a work in 100 seconds, which exclude technical commentary in favour of poetry and humour, are free and subjective visions of works from the museum's collections.

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