Sculpture is so intimately a part of our civilisation, integrated into monuments, the façades of buildings, garden decoration or in the centre of squares, that it ends up being forgotten. Asleep in their architectural and urban frames, the works are only extremely rarely examined on their own merit.
At the museum, protected, staged, taken out of context, out of the period in which they were born, frequently transformed by time, they lose some of their meaning.
The "Sculptures" series aims to encourage us to look in greater depth at some of them, selected without any notion of classification, as key works within art history. It is to be a journey through time, highlighting famous works, listening to the signals which they emit, the emotion which they contain, the history in which they are steeped.
Each film will relate to one sculpture within the Louvre museum's collections (followed by those of other French and foreign museums). It is an attempt, both rational and sensitive, to unveil the mysteries of such works.

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