Au Louvre avec les Maîtres

This film invites us on an original journey, that of the Louvre undertaken by artists in the XIXth and XXth centuries. The Louvre is and always has been a place of inspiration, of apprenticeship, of reference.
Courbet made his début there, Degas made innumerable copies, Cézanne came there right up to the end of his life. In more recent times, Picasso, copying the Femmes d'Alger, asked himself: "I wonder what Delacroix would say if he saw these pictures. I would say to him: you think of Rubens and paint Delacroix. Similarly, when I think of you, I paint something else.
Thus, through their witnesses, their writings, their sketch books and their paintings, these artists make the Louvre into a privileged place in which creation has taken shape and been nurtured for two centuries.

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