The Louvre Palace and Museum

The Louvre Palace and Museum, as a museum institution, extends well beyond the collections which it houses. When it enters a museum and subjects itself to the both rational and profane principles of museology, the destiny and significance of any work of art are profoundly altered. It runs the risk of simply becoming an inventory number or a forgotten piece.
Similarly, the extraordinary success of the Louvre has gradually subjected the public to the rules of a wildly expanding tourist industry.
It was essential, when defining an audiovisual policy at the Louvre museum, to leave plenty of space for exploration of the institution itself through the thousand and one aspects of its life and its organisation, and also through the main principles by which it is governed, so that, in an awareness of the unavoidable biases which the museum must display, those visiting the Louvre are better able to find the path which makes the museum the privileged place in which they can enjoy their own personal encounter with the work of art.

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