Le Louvre imaginaire

A film-maker, Alain Fleischer, and a poet, Yves Bonnefoy, give us the opportunity to enjoy the Louvre as both a palace and a museum, and to discover amongst other things the staircase of the Winged Victory of Samothrace and the Venus de Milo, the medieval castle and the Mona Lisa, the Grande Galerie and the Egyptian antiquities.
In addition they show the last work involved in the presentation of the sculptures of the Second Empire in a vast courtyard, the Bulls of Khorsabad, the salons of Napoleon II and the Four Seasons paintings by Poussin, which hang in a rotunda special designed to display them.
A commentary with two voices combines the vision of the film-maker and the words of the poet, inviting our gaze to accompany them on a privileged journey.

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