Contes et légendes

To make her films, Edwige Kertes brings together museum stars which no-one before her could have imagined filming together, all with the watchful complicity of the curators of the departments concerned. These are stars which live in frequently very different display cabinets, in distant galleries, because they don't all come from the same periods. We discover this fact from the closing credits, in which the main characters used are listed in order of appearance, with their names and their precise historical origins. Thus we have a goddess Hathor from 1250 B.C. and, in the same story, with a dog Anubis from the IIIrd century B.C., a crocodile (the god Sobek) dating from 500 B.C.
Thanks to the voice of Muriel Bloch, the statuettes become characters, the amulets become décors to which are added authentic landscapes filmed where the items originate (Egypt, Greece etc.). Edwige Kertes has not only created a new type of fictional film, but above all, a new genre of art film specially intended for children.

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