Carnets de voyage

During the Delacroix et Maroc exhibition, which is being held from 27. September 1994 at the Institut du Monde Arabe, the Louvre museum is launching a collection of interactive programs dedicated to travel diaries.
The first will be dedicated to the travel diaries produced by Delacroix during his trip to Morocco in 1832.
Of the seven diaries, we only have four remaining: three are in the Louvre museum, the last is in the museum at Chantilly.
The interactive program will aim to recount Delacroix's trip, the circumstances under which he left, his ideas, his expectations, his discoveries, his encounters, the itinerary of his tour, the most striking episodes, the memories he had of it and the influence which this trip had on his subsequent work.
We will also follow the history of his diaries, of these more or less "very first" constituents of artistic creation, which record his thoughts from day to day, every moment and hour, which follow the traveller from his pocket to his bag, at every break in the journey through every bivouac, from the time he leaves until his return.
Diaries picked up, set aside, taken up again, given away, kept, sold. Diaries worn from so many hands and still open to the latest viewer, available to dip into and to afford pleasure.

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