Audiovisual and Interactive Productions

(available in French)

Created in 1988, the aim of the Louvre audiovisual production unit is to offer the public a new vision of the collections and of the museum. It allies itself with coproducers, selects a director and a film structure, associating with them wherever possible a distributor and an editor.
The unit is also involved in some multimedia productions.
Productions are available on video cassette, and some are also available on CD-ROM.

They reflect three editorial lines:

Encouraging knowledge and appreciation of the collections of the Louvre museum,
improving an understanding of the role and function of the museum,
defending and illustrating art history.


The Collections of the Louvre Museum
"Carnets de voyage"
"Contes et légendes"
"100 secondes pour une oeuvre"
The Louvre Palace and Museum
The Louvre palace and museum
Bicentenary of the Louvre
Teaching and Training
History of Art
Major exhibitions
"Collectionneurs et donateurs"
"Entretiens du Louvre"
"Restaurations - Restitutions"

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