Royal Origins

The Charles V Moats

The medieval fortress from which the present day palace originates was built by King Philippe Auguste at the end of the XIIth century. The restoration work on the Cour Carrée and the excavation work necessary for construction of the pyramid and the Carrousel area enabled archeological digs to be undertaken, and for the various phases of occupation of the palace and the quarter to be seen.
The architectural structures of the basement will henceforth be included in the visit tours. Thus it is possible to walk along the moats of the medieval fortress under the Cour Carrée, to pass around the base of the dungeon to get to the salle Saint-Louis (XIIIth century), or, when going to the underground carpark, to walk along the so-called Charles V moats.

Amongst the items discovered during these digs, one of the most remarkable is a parade helmet belonging to Charles VI, which was reconstituted from the one hundred and sixty nine fragments which were found scattered about. It is on show in the Salle Saint-Louis (Sully Wing).

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