The Restoration and the "Musée Charles-X"

Abel de Pujol
Egypt saved by Jozef
Ceiling - 1827

As time went on, the histories of the Palace and of the Museum became intertwined.

In 1806, Napoléon arranged for work to be continued by his architects Percier and Fontaine. The North Wing was extended along the new rue de Rivoli. Under the Restoration, the museum, which had lost its chefs-d'oeuvre, had to be restored, and an active acquisitions policy developed in a number of areas.
Renaissance and Modern sculptures from the musée des Monuments français (1824), Egyptian works collected by Jean-François Champollion (1826), the musée naval (1827), the Spanish collection of Louis-Philippe and Assyrian antiquities originating from the excavations of Paul-Emile Botta (1847).

Efforts to improve presentation continued, of which the musée Charles-X, which was inaugurated in 1827, still remains a living example. The ceilings of the rooms dedicated to Egyptian and Antique collections are decorated by huge compositions illustrating the collections presented.

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