French Sculptures

Since November 1993 the French sculptures from the Middle Ages up to the XIXth century have been exhibited on the ground floor of the new Richelieu Wing, in galleries arranged around the two main courtyards which are covered by a glass roof, the cour Marly and the cour Puget.

The cour Marly houses the open air sculptures from the XVIIth and XVIIIth centuries, which mainly originate from the park at the fortress of Marly which was built by Louis XIV.

In the cour Puget, the works by the famous French XVIIth century sculptor Pierre Puget, form the main feature of a group of open air statues (from the XVIIth to XIXth centuries).

The major works include:

Dead Christ
Bourgogne, 2nd quarter of the XIIth century
Statue in polychrome wood
H 1.55 m; W 1.68 m; D 0.30 m ; P 0,30 m

King Childebert
Paris, 2nd quarter of the XIIIth century
Statue in stone with traces of polychromy
H 1.91 m; W 0.53 m; D 0.55 m

Germain Pilon
The risen Christ and two roman soldiers guards of his tomb
Circa 1583
Marble - Christ H 2,15 m; W 0,88 m; D 0,74
Soldiers: H 0,64 m; W 1,50 m; D 0,66 m

Pierre Puget
Milo of Crotona 1670-1682
Group in marble
H 2.70 m; W 1.40 m; D 0.98 m

Jean-Baptiste Pigalle
Mercure attaching his heelpieces
Marble - H 58 cm; W 33 cm

Guillaume Ier Coustou
Horse Restrained by a Groom known as the Horse of Marly
Group in marble
H 3.55 m; W 2.84 m; D 1.15 m

Jean Houdon
Diana Huntress
Bronze - H 2,05 m; W 0,79 m; D 0,93 m

Antoine Louis Barye
Lion Crushing a Snake
Bronze - H 1.35 m; W 1.78 cm; D 0.96 m

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