Foreign Sculptures

The collections of foreign sculptures (Italian, Dutch, Spanish, German) are housed on the ground floor and the basement of Denon Wing. Over the next few years, the galleries surrounding the courtyard will be opened, completing this unit.

The major works include:

Dying Slave 1513-1515
Unfinished statue in marble
H 2.28 m; W 0.75 m; D 0.55 m

Mercury flying on a breath of air
Bronze - H 1,70 m

Adrien de Vries
Mercury and Psyche
Prague, 1593
Bronze group - H 2,15 m; W 0,92 m; D 0,72 m

Antonio Canova
Psyche and Cupid details
Group in marble
H 0.55 m; W 0.68 m; D 1.01 m

Gregor Erhart
Saint Mary Magdalene details
Early XVIth century
Polychrome limewood
H 1.77 m; W 0.44 m; D 0.43 m

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