The French School

The Louvre is the conservatory of French painting, housing around 1500 paintings, dating from the end of the XIIIth century to the middle of the XIXth century. The French paintings are currently exhibited in a chronological circuit, in the 2nd floor galleries situated in the Richelieu Wing and continuing around the Cour Carrée (Sully Wing). The large XIXth century French paintings (David, Gros, Géricault, Delacroix) are exhibited in the red rooms on the 1st floor of Denon Wing.

The major works include:

Fontainebleau School
Gabrielle d’Estrée and her sister detail
Circa 1595?
Wood - H 0,96 m; W 1,25 m

Simon Vouet
Allegory of Riches detail
Circa 1630-1635
Canvas - H 1,70 m; W 1,24 m

Nicolas Poussin
The Inspiration of the Poet detail
Circa 1630
Canvas - H 1,82 m; W 2,13 m

Claude Gellée, named Le Lorrain
The Disembarkation of Cleopatra at Tarsus detail 1642-1643
Canvas - H 1,19 m; W 1,70 m

Georges de La Tour
The Card-Sharper with the Ace of Diamonds detail
Circa 1635
Canvas - H 1.06 m; W 1.46 m

Antoine Watteau
Embarkation for Cythera detail
Canvas - H 1.29 m; W 1.94 m

Louis David
The Rape of the Sabine Women detail
Canvas - H 3.85 m; W 5.22 m

Théodore Géricault
The Raft of the Medusa detail
Canvas - H 4.91 m; W 7.16 m

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