The Flemish, Dutch and German Schools

The group of Flemish, Dutch and German paintings is one which has enjoyed one of the most spectacular reorganisations during the Grand Louvre Project. This section will henceforth include around 1,200 works, which are exhibited on the 2nd floor of the new Richelieu Wing.

The major works include:

Jan Van Eyck
The Rolin Madonna
1st half of the XVth century
Wood - H 66 cm ; W 62 cm

Hieronymus Bosch
The Ship of Fools detail
Circa 1494
Wood - H 58 cm ; W 33 cm

Quentin Metsys
Moneychanger and his Wife detail
Wood - H 0,70 m ; W 0,67 m

Petrus-Paulus Rubens
The arrival of Marie de
Medici at Marseilles
Canvas - H 3,94 m ; W 2,95 m

Harmenz Rembrandt Van Rijn
Bathseba with King David's Letter
Canvas - H 1,42 m ; W 1,42 m

Jan Vermeer
The Astronomer detail
Canvas - H 51 cm ; W 45 cm

Albrecht Dürer
Self-Portrait with Eryngium detail
Parchment glued onto canvas - H 56.5 cm ; W 44.5 cm

Hans Holbein
Portrait of Nikolas Kratzer détail
Wood - H 0,83 m ; W 0,67 m

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