Major Works from the Collection of Egyptian Antiquities

The major works include:

The Great Sphinx
Probably from the Old Kingdom,
circa 2620 B.C.
Pink granite - H 1.83 m; W 4.80 m

Seated Scribe
2600 to 2400 B.C.
Painted limestone, eyes inlaid with rock crystal and alabaster, circled with copper
H 53.7 cm; W 44 cm

Group of Senynefer and his Wife
Circa 1450-1400 B.C.
Painted sandstone - H 68 cm; W 85 cm

Fragment of a bust of Amenophis IV - Akhenaton
Circa 1365-1360 B.C.
Sandstone with residues of paint
H 1.37 m; W 0.88 m

Amon and Tutankhamen
Circa 1347-1337 B.C.
Diorite - H 2.14 m; D 0.785 m

The Goddess Hathor protecting Seti
XIXth dynasty, circa 1303-1290 B.C.
Polychromic limestone
H 2.27 m; W 1.05 m

Circa 875-850 B.C.
Bronze inlaid with gold, silver and electrum
H 59 cm

Painting of Christ protecting Abbot Mena
VIth-VIIth century A.D.
H 57 cm; W 57 cm; D 2 cm

Triad of Osorkon II:
God Osiris surrounded by Isis and Horus
XXIInd Dynasty
Gold and lapis-lazuli - H 9 cm
Circa 874-850 B.C.

Funeral portrait
End of the Reign of Trajan, 98-117 A.D.
Wax portrait on wood

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