Major Works from the Ancient Oriental Collection

The major works include:

Mari, Syria
Circa 2400 B.C.
Alabaster - H 52.5 cm

Gudea with flowing vase
Tello (ancient Sumerian town of Girsu)
Circa 2150 B.C.
Calcite - H 62 cm; W 25.6 cm

Law Code of Hammurabi,
king of Babylon
Babylonia, 1st half of the XVIIIth century B.C.
Black basalt - H 2.25 m; W 0.65 m

Archers of the Guard of Darius I
Susa, end of the VIth, early Vth century B.C.
Glazed bricks - H 2 m; W 0.69 m

Handle of an Achemenid Vase
in the shape of a winged ibex
Vth-IVth century B.C.
Silver and gold - H 27 cm; W 15 cm

Sarcophagus of Eshmunazor
Sidon, necropolis Vth century B.C.
Black amphibolite - H 1.20 m

Within the Grand Louvre Project, some of the collections of the Department of Oriental Antiquities have been moved into the new Richelieu Wing of the Louvre museum (November 1993). One courtyard has been laid out to resemble the monumental palace of King Sargon II in Khorsabad (721-705 B.C.), with bulls and reliefs originating from Khorsabad.

Winged Humanheaded Bulls
Khorsabad (Assyria), end of the VIIIth B.C.
Gypsum - H 4.20 m; W 4.36 m

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