Major Works from the Greek, Etruscan and Roman Antiquities Collection

The major works include:

Female statue, known as the "Dame d'Auxerre"
Greece, circa 630 B.C.
Limestone - H 75 cm

The Rampin Head

Towards 550 B.C.
Marble - H 0,27 m

Heracles and Antaeus red-figure calyx-krater,
representing the fight between Heracles and the giant Antaeus, signed by Euphronios
Attica, circa 510 B.C.
Painted terracotta - H 46 cm

Apollon, dit "Apollon de Piombino"
Italy, 1st century B.C. ?
Bronze - H 1.15 m

Apollo Sauroctonus
(lizard killer)
Roman copy of an original attributed to Praxiteles
Circa 350 B.C.
Marble - H 1,49 m

Heracles resting

Replica in reduced size of a bronze by Lysippus made circa 320 B.C.
Bronze - H 42 cm

The Hanging Marsyas

Roman copy of a greek original, end IIIrd century B.C.
Marble - H 2,56 m

Nikè on a ship's prow, known as the
Winged Victory of Samothrace

Greece, circa 190 B.C.
White marble (statue), grey marble ( (prow and pedestal)
H 3.28 m

Aphrodite, known as the "Vénus de Milo"
Greece, circa 100 B.C.
Marble - H 2.02 m

Sarcophagus, known as the Sarcophagus of a Married Couple
Etruria, circa 510 B.C.
Terracotta - H 1.14 m; W 1.90 m

Rome, end of the 1st century B.C.
Marble - H 1.80 m

Mosaic, known as "The Phoenix Mosaic"
Daphne, Turkey, end of the Vth century
Marble and limestone - H 6 m; W 4.25 m

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