Major Works from the Objets d'Art Collection

The major works include:

The Charlemagne Statuette
Carolingian art, IXth century
Bronze with traces of gilding - H 23,5 cm

Liturgical Ewer: "Eagle of Suger"
Before 1147
Porphyry (vase), gilded and nielloed silver (setting)
H 43,1 cm; W 27 cm

Virgin and Child of Sainte-Chapelle
Paris, circa 1250-1260
Ivory statuette, traces of polychromy
H 41 cm

Virgin of Jeanne d'Evreux
Paris, between 1324 and 1339
Statuette in gilded silver, translucent basse-taille enamelling, gold, rock crystal, stones and pearls - H 69 cm

The Month of March, tapestry from the Maximilian's Hunts series
Brussels, circa 1528-1533
Tapestry, wool, silk, gold and silver thread
H 4,40 m; W 7,50 m

André-Charles Boulle
Paris, early XVIIIth century
Built in oak, with ebony and tortoiseshell veneer, inlaid with brass, pewter, horn and coloured wood, gilded bronze
H 2,60 m; W 1,48 m; D 0,64 m

Martin-Guillaume Biennais
Tea service of Napoléon Ier
Paris, 1810
Gilded silver - tea urn: H 80 cm; W 45 cm

The "Regent"
Diamond - 136 7/8 carats

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