Major Works from the Prints and Drawings Collection

The major works include:

Jean Fouquet
Pompey's Flight after Pharsalia
Circa 1460-1476
Illumination on vellum - H 44 cm; W 32.5 cm

Antonio Pisanello
Study of the neck and head of a bridled horse

Black pen and ink - H 26.6 cm; W 17.4 cm

Albrecht Dürer
Portrait of Erasmus 1520
Black stone - H 37.1 cm; W 26.7 cm

Dead Christ 1536-1541
Black stone - H 25.4 cm; W 31.8 cm

The Hundred Guilder Print or Christ Healing the Sick Circa 1649
Etching, dry-point and burin - H 28 cm; W 39.2 cm

Charles Le Brun
Expressions of the passions of the soul: anger
Circa 1693
Head - three quarters right
Black pencil - H 20 cm; W 25 cm

Nicolas Poussin
Landscape with five trees

Maurice Quentin de La Tour
Portrait of Marquise de Pompadour 1752-1755
Pastel, on grey/blue paper - H 1.775 m; W 1.31 m

Jean-Baptiste Siméon Chardin
Self-Portrait with Spectacles 1771
Pastel, on grey/blue paper - H 45.9 cm; W 37.5 cm

Eugène Delacroix
Landscape near Tangiers
Watercolour on a graphite sketch

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