Cultural Activities of the museum


Every year the Louvre organises temporary exhibitions, workshop activities and guided tours to the galleries, together with lecture series, films and concerts in the Louvre Auditorium.
The detailed annual programme appears in September and gives details of the events planned for the season from September to June of the following year. In addition, two quarterly publications are distributed in December and March. The programmes are available from the Information Desk under the pyramid.
Detailed information is also available on Minitel 3615 Louvre. The broad outlines also appear under the heading Exhibitions, Auditorium, Guided Tours on this server.

Temporary Exhibitions

The Louvre museum offers two types of exhibitions:

See the exhibitions programme under the heading Exhibitions, Auditorium, Guided Tours on this server.

The Louvre Auditorium

The Louvre Auditorium offers lecture series, concerts, films and conferences in a hall seating 420.
Information on voice server (in French): (33-1) 40 20 52 99.
See the Exhibitions, Auditorium, Guided Tours on this server.

Louvre Films

These are art films produced by the Louvre and are screened every day, except Tuesdays, in the audiovisual rooms under the pyramid, near the Information Desk. Free of charge.

Guided tours in the Galleries, Workshop Activities

Every day except Tuesdays, the Louvre offers guided tours to individual visitors and groups (adults and children) wishing to find out more about the collections or to get to know them better. These visits are aimed both at art lovers and lay people.
In-depth series comprising five or ten sessions are also available, in addition to architectural tours and workshop activities. These workshops are led by guides from the national museums or by painters, sculptors, architects, film-makers etc., and promote the active discovery of the museum.
Three leaflets, produced quarterly, contain details of the entire programme for both children and adults. They are available from the Information Desk.

Charge for guided tours: FF 33, FF 22 (under 18), payable in addition to the museum entrance fee.
Workshop charge: FF 43, FF 28 (under 18), including museum entrance fee.
Charge for in-depth series: for eight visits, FF 290, FF 190 (under 18); for four visits FF 145, FF 95 (under 18).

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