The End of the Project

General Plan of the Louvre Palace

Denon and Sully Wings are to be reorganised until 1998.

This constitutes a quite exceptional phase of the Grand Louvre Project, since it involves renovating decorations which form part of the history of the Palace (Grande Galerie, musée Charles-X, galerie Campana), whilst installing modern museographical equipment in the rooms.

This constitutes an exceptional phase as regards the work of various architects for each of the projects in areas which must retain their own characteristics, and also as regards the decision to complete this work whilst leaving the museum open to the public as far as possible, with the exception of the Department of Egyptian Antiquities which will remain closed during the entire period of the work.

The following are to be renovated: the Department of Prints and Drawings, the Department of Paintings (Italian and Spanish section), the entire Department of Egyptian Antiquities, part of the Department of Oriental Antiquities (including the items from Susa, the Levant and the Persias), the Department of Greek, Etruscan and Roman Antiquities.
Finally, a new entrance at the porte des Lions, at the extreme western end of the museum, on the banks of the Seine (Denon Wing), will open at the end of 1997.

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