A Challenge to Good Taste
18th century Masterpieces from the Sèvres Porcelain Factory

Un défi au goût
Chefs-d'oeuvre de la manufacture de Sèvres au XVIIIe siècle

From the 21st of March to the 23rd of June 1997
From 9 a.m. to 5.15 p.m., Aile Richelieu

Vase "Hebert"

The Sèvres porcelain factory, personal property of the King since 1759 (still a state factory) played a major role in the evolution of style in the XVIIIth century, for several reasons:

To avoid "heavyness and the trivial", to give "lightness, subtlety, novelty and variety", those were the orders given around 1750 by the first artistic director of the factory, the academician Hendrick van Hulst; these orders were largely respected by his successors for whom the Sèvres factory was an immense territory of exploration.

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