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Study in English at PUC-Rio!
International Students at PUC-Rio

PUC-Rio and Cristo Redentor

Courses in English  + Portuguese as a Second Language

International students now have the opportunity to take courses in English at PUC-Rio and learn Portuguese!

The courses taught in English have a content based on Brazilian and Latin American aspects, such as: culture, literature, business, design, Civilization and history, among others. Along with the courses in English, international students must attend Portuguese as a Second Language class during their academic semester, as well as  any other courses in Portuguese recommended by the coordinator..

Candidates must follow the regular application procedures presented at indicating the intention to attend classes in English.

1 or 2 academic semesters.

Application procedures and deadlines
Applicants must send the complete application form and other requested documents as indicated at

Ms. Linda Sousa – Incoming Student Coordinator

Disciplines Available:
download: (courses_in_english.pdf)



PUC-RIO — International Cooperation Central Coordination Office
Linda Cristina Sousa
Incoming Student Coordinator

Rua Marquês de São Vicente, 225
Ed. Pe. Leonel Franca, 8th floor
Gávea – 22451-300 – Rio de Janeiro, RJ - Brazil