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Switzerland - Graduated Institute

Madlaina Baselgia

Studying at PUC-Rio was an incredibly enriching experience. I arrived with no Portuguese knowledge and started my first month of July with intensive Portuguese classes which where of high quality and so much fun. I learnt Portuguese rapidly, as I was able to apply my newly learnt words in daily life with the PUC-staff, at the grocery stores and with local people at the beach, bars or on the street. The campus is beautiful and feels like being in a tropical forest. The PUC-staff is incredibly helpful and organised my studies extremely well. I got to pick the classes I wanted and I had the chance to participate on a lot of events and trips organised by either the PUC-staff or Brother Carioca. After my six months spent studying in Rio, I came back with newly gained knowledge about Rio de Janeiro and Brazil, with good Portuguese language skills, lots of new friends and a life experience know one will ever be able to take from me. Estou com saudades do Rio. Obrigada para tudo!


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Edifício Padre Leonel Franca - 8º andar, Gávea
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Rio de Janeiro - RJ - BRASIL

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