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Germany - Koblenz University of Applied Sciences

Bisher Chamssuddin

My experience in Rio de Janeiro:

I was amazed by the city since the day I arrived. Alot of rules about different things being in the same place are broken. Nature collides with city with mountains arising in the middle of the city and close to the coast, which lead to the creation of one of the most fun activities to do in Rio, hikes. Talking about hikes, I would say that Pedra da Gavea was a natural phenomenon in its own way (That is where i took my picture). A fun and challenging hike with lots of rock climbing leading to outstanding views from both sides of the rock. Another interesting phenomena is the proximity of the favelas to the city, and when you are on top of mountains you will be able to clearly see how urban city and favelas live next to each other. The international office did a great job in welcoming us and facilitating events for us at the beginning to get to know each other. This of course has led to me meeting lots of interesting people from all over the world, expanding my horizon for cultures and allowing me to create long lasting friendships. The city of Rio has so much to offer. Art, sports, history, museums, outlandish parties, amazing beaches and much much more. Of course we had to attend classes and do assignments, but with good organization we managed to go on lots of adventures and even travel around this beautiful country. Lots of fun, life lessons and personal development are guaranteed. Enjoy this life changing experience to the max and don't let time fly.




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