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France - Centrale SUPELEC

Andrea Mourelo

Hello, my name is Andrea and I am double-degree student in software engineering (Engenharia da Computação). 
I spent 1.5 years at PUC-Rio and it was an incredible experience: the classes were extremely interesting and I learnt a lot, as I did theoretical courses but also lots of projects !

PUC-Rio is an amazing university, because of it´s location, super beautiful campus and it's excellence - the teachers are there to help the students learn, and that's super valuable.

The length of the exchange was perfect, as it gave me the time to dedicate myself to discovering new things of my field but also, and that´s even more important, to discover Brazilian culture and language. I really recommend doing this type of exchange, as you have the time to integrate yourself in the culture, travel and enjoy all sides of the best city in the world !

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