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Incoming Students

Online Registration for classes and Courses descriptions

This page aims to help you along your registration process and selection of courses. We advise you to download our activities calendar so as to not miss any deadlines.

Be aware that you will be allowed to make changes to your registered classes within the first weeks of the academic period by adding or dropping courses. Course changes can only be made on a pre-determined date during the add/drop process (De/Para). This and other major administrative procedures are listed on our activities calendar, for which reason we strongly urge that all incoming students be familiar with important dates.

Important information:

Before registering for your classes, please be aware of the following:

  1. Registration in the Portuguese as a Second Language course is mandatory for all non-native speaking students.
  2. International Students are allowed to take a maximum of 5 classes or 24 credits and a minimum of 2 classes or 08 credits per semester.
  3. In Brazil, Law is an undergraduate course.
  4. Students may be dismissed from classes which have pre-requisites for course attendance. Although international students may not need to meet course pre-requisites, be aware that not having completed them beforehand may cause the student some difficulties in understanding the course content.
  5. The courses offered by the Business Administration department are highly technical.
  6. Classes with the LAB prefix (classes held in laboratories, more common for engineering) have limited availability. For this reason the student's place is not guaranteed, although CCCI may be able to provide some assistance with the registration for such classes.
  7. New students are required to take the online Portuguese placement test before the registration so as to avoid any hassle once the semester starts.

Students extending their stay at the university for another semester must enroll in a Portuguese class one level higher than the previous period.

Getting the courses available

On PUC-Rio website, you will find a link listing academic information and course schedules on the "Horário das Disciplinas". Please do pay attention to the list of required and recommendable courses on the links above.

On the Coordenação Central de Extensão (CCE) homepage, students may search for courses offered by the Abertura Project (Projeto Abertura).

Below is an example explaining how to interpret each code for a course listed in the "Horário das Disciplinas". ADM1251; CONTABILIDADE ADMINISTRATIVA; JOSE CORREIA DE OLIVEIRA ; 4; 2GA; ADM; 10; N; QUA 19-23;0

It is very important that you write down your classes in the Study Plan Form provided to you during orientation. The courses section, for instance, indicates the hour you will be attending the class; therefore, you cannot register for a class that is offered at the same time as another requested class.

Obligatory courses

All international students are required to study Portuguese. The Departments of Letters offers Portuguese as a Second Language courses during the regular and intensive terms at 5 levels of proficiency. Your level will be determined according to the result of the online Portuguese as a Second Language Pre-test that you must take before the registration online period. An oral placement test will be taken upon arrival. During the Add-Drop period (De/Para), your level can be changed according to your placement test score.

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