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Accommodation Program

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PUC-Rio does not provide dormitory facilities on campus but offers an enriched opportunity for students to experience the Brazilian way of life by placing them in a home-stay program.

International students are placed in home-stays located in the south zone of the city, the same as the university. Most families live near the university, within 30- 40 minutes distance from campus by city bus.

The host families are recommended by CCCI and represent a wide range of incomes and situations, from a grandmother living alone, a couple living by themselves to a larger family with several young children. Each house has their specific rules in terms of hygiene, safety, cooking and bringing friends over etc.

PUC-Rio serves as a liaison to facilitate the introduction between exchange students and host families interested in receiving them. PUC-Rio is not responsible for the payment of rent, student expenditures, or the student’s failure to abide by the house rules previously agreed upon by both parties. However, should the need arise, PUC-Rio will support and help both parties in improving the interaction between them. PUC-Rio does not have a contract with these families, we serve as an intermediate, and they are independent to do what is best for them.

Each student will sign a contract and pay the rent upfront during his/her stay. The rent includes a private room with a bed, a fan, a weekly change of sheets and towels, access to light and gas and a Brazilian breakfast (coffee, milk, bread, butter, jelly and fruit). Access to kitchen and laundry facilities is also included. Telephone use is to be arranged between the student and the family. Please be aware that some houses have only shared rooms (2 beds). In this case the rental per student will be lower than the private room. Not all homes have internet available.

The monthly rent with breakfast included is R$1,900.00 (Reais) per month. If a meal option is available (lunch or dinner), the cost per month will be R$ 2.230,00 (Reais).

How to apply:

Candidates must complete the application online selecting the Accommodation Program and filling out everything that is asked. They also need to handle the additional required documents, observing the deadline provided in the academic calendar. Check the Calendar at:

Accommodation requests will be considered only after ALL admittance documents have been received and based upon the availability of homes.

For those who have requested to participate for the Accommodation Program they must observe the accommodation contract rules, otherwise in case of withdrawn without our knowledge, students must pay the entire price of rental.

Withdraw Policy:

In order to avoid pay a fine for withdrawing from the Accommodation Program, students need to notify PUC-Rio in writing thirty days before the program starts.

If the students decide to withdraw from the Accommodation Program with less than thirty days before the course starts, they  will have to pay the first month rent when they arrive in Rio de Janeiro. This is not negotiable.

After the Accommodation Program starts, students who decide to leave the Accommodation Program before the end of the month won’t receive money back. Several universities have agreements where students cannot leave PUC housing for the first month of the program. Check with your university if you are required to stay in PUC Accommodation.

If the students choose to leave the accommodation, they must inform the International Programs Central Coordination Office via written notification at least 15 days before the end of the month contract.  If they do not respect the 15-day deadline, they must pay a fine. Please check the Accommodation contract for details.

Official Entrance Date:

The official arrival date listed on the Central Coordination for International Cooperation - Calendar is also the official start date to move in with host families.

Please note that students are not allowed to arrive in the host family’s residence before the official arrival date.

International students may prefer to rent an apartment near the campus. The student should be prepared to give a down payment in order to guarantee the apartment. Private apartments are not usually recommended by CCCI.

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