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BRICS Policy Center

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The BPC produces academic research in the form of articles, policy briefs, monitors, books and indicators, all of which are available online through our website ( Among our main themes and lines of research, are:

  • International Politics and Multilateral Agenda;
  • Development, Trade, Finance and Investments;
  • International Cooperation for Development;
  • Comparative Public Policy;
  • Innovation Systems and Development Governance.

BRICS Policy Center 2014 Global Go To Think Tank Index Report
8th position Best University Affiliated Think Tank
1st position Think Tank to Watch
4th position Best New Paradigm Developed by a Think Tank
39th position Best policy study/report produced by a Think Tank
5th position Best Think Tank Conference
10th position Best Think Tank Network
6th position Best Transdisciplinary Research Program at a Think Tank
22th position Best managed Think Tank
22th position Best use of Social Networks