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The International Cooperation Office Responsibilities

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Associate Vice-President for Academic Affairs
Angela Maria de Randolpho Paiva, PhD

Deputy Associate Vice-President for Academic Affairs
Ricardo Borges Alencar, PhD

Danilo Marcondes, PhD
Central Coordinator for internationalization

The International Cooperation Office has a broad actuation area including:

  • Exchange of undergraduate and graduate students;
  • Short-term programs for PUC-Rio students;
  • Customized programs for international students;
  • Double degree programs for engineering, mathematics and business students;
  • Collaboration between lecturers and researchers regarding the development of research;
  • Promotion of scientific events, conferences and seminars;
  • Participation in examining boards and commissions;
  • Any activity of an academic interest regarding international partnerships;
  • Exchange of bibliographic materials;
  • International Inter-institutional cooperation;
  • Assistance to the academic units in promoting cooperation with overseas Institutions, celebrating and following the execution of agreements.

The International Cooperation Office


Foto Angela Maria de Randolpho Paiva

Angela Maria de Randolpho Paiva, PhD
Associate Vice-President for Academic Affairs - International Programs

Foto de Ricardo Borges Alencar

Ricardo Borges Alencar
Deputy Associate Vice-President  for Academic Affairs

Foto de Danilo Marcondes Danilo Marcondes, PhD
Central Coordinator for internationalization

Foto de Marcos Lesbaupin

Marcos Lesbaupin
Partnership Supervisor

Foto de Kledson Jonio

Kledson Jonio

Foto de Carla Rodrigues

Carla Rodrigues
Office Manager


Thiago Santana

Foto de Denis Neves

Denis Neves
IT Support


Foto de Linda Cristina Sousa

Linda Cristina Sousa
Senior Advisor for International Students

Foto de Mário Simões Mário Simões
International students supervisor

Foto de Christine Duarte

Christine Duarte
International Program Assistant

Foto de Leonardo Dias

Leonardo Dias
Housing & Student Services


Foto de Nancy Guimarães

Nancy Guimarães
Senior Advisor for PUC-Rio Students

Foto Renan Brito

Renan Brito
PUC-Rio Students Supervisor

Foto de Daniel Castro

Daniel Castro
Senior Advisor for Short Term Programs

Foto Guilherme Nascimento

Guilherme Nascimento
PUC-Rio Student´s Service